Image - CupcakKe

You gon end up in a cemetery
Ima shoot the scene like I'm Tyler Perry Got Mariah with me with a duffel bag
So you never know what we fucking Carey Ima come through with my homies
Yo whole hood finna know me
They wanna fuck me up I start squaring up
I said come on nigga just show me
Them bullets flying like egos
Ima shoot a nigga no free throw
I stay thirsty to catch bodies so you know I got a fucking peerole
Pop a nigga in the mouth like D-Low
What ya say?
You can't breathe though
Molly wopped again took yo oxygen
Them 40's still wetted like J-Lo
You better come correct when you see me
Cause I take ya shit like I'm Stevie
See I'm Stevie J with them bullet trays like Josline you gon need me
Got cober the killer
I speedy Godzilla
I hang with them dealers but I'm the top driller
I am a go getter be going Godzilla moonwalk on yo grave ima call that shit thriller
This not no gimmick bitch this is my image you fuck with me like rosemary baby I leave you timid bitch
This not no gimmick bitch this is my image you fuck with me like rosemary baby I'll leave you timid
Got you what
Got you timid boy
I got you timid boy
ski mask black gloves my image boy
I got you timid boy
timid boy
Ski mask black gloves my image boy
Man down while you on the block selling dope
You see me coming like Ray Charles with a telescope
You killing 2 of my niggas I'm killing 4
when I crack that batches up low
I really don't fuck with you fuckers
Sleeping on me you get smothered
Fuck around call up your mother
like I put your son face on a plugger
I need a couple entrées a pair of Lebron James
Duct tape a rope and let it be broad day
all black room I can show you the shuffle leave the room by myself he a bm duffel
Hit the quanta scope grab a bag of Ruffles eat the chips grab the clip then I'm back to trouble
Chi town its a mf jungle tell you like it is when ain't even gotta mumble like
take a picture like one shot you get it crop pull the trigger play with ya body like Photoshop with no doubt the blocked cleared out when I pulled out the mf glock
Niggas gotta learn at some point
I make a nigga learn at gun point
Spring niggas and I ain't talking mase